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Do you have projects around your home you have been putting off due to lack of time, knowledge or the right tool for the job? Save yourself hassle and time by having an expert complete the projects for you. Don Stowers, Handyman and Custom Carpenter is an experienced handyman offering a variety of interior and exterior home maintenance services throughout St. Clair and Madison counties

Depend on us for everything major contractors won't do. We are experts at drywall repair, interior and exterior painting, small plumbing, electrical, custom carpentry, remodeling, window and door installation and more. Whatever your project, Don Stowers, Handyman and Custom Carpenter has the experience and knowledge to complete the project. Contact us to discuss our affordable rates. Military, student and senior citizen discounts available.

Handyman Services
Repair, Replace or Reattach -
Soffitt, Gutters
Exterior Wood Trim
Chipped or Damaged Siding
Porch Posts
Garage Door Frames
Window Frames
Door Thresholds
Windows and Doors
Garbage Disposals
Weather Striping on Doors and Garage Doors
Water Heater
Leaky Faucets
Electrical Socket, Light Switches, Light Fixtures
Existing Porch and Deck Steps

Rescreen Doors and Windows

Install Garage Door Openers - Adjust for Proper Operation
Install Garage Door
Install Attic Ladder
Install Handrails

Power/Pressure Washing of Fence, Deck, Siding, Driveways, Patio
Fence and Deck Staining
Replacement of the Damaged Fence Posts and Fence Sections
Cut and Install New Porch or Deck Steps

Install Ceiling Fans, Shelves
Install Chair Rail, Crown Molding
Installing Puck Lights Under and Over Cabinets
Installation of French Doors, Patio Doors
Prep and Installation of Baseboards

Remove Old Ceramic Tile and Refinish the Surface
Seal Tile Grout

Caulk Around -
Bath Tubs, Showers
Kitchen Splash Backs
Windows, Doors

Paint Walls and Ceilings
Texturing of Walls and Ceilings
Removal of Wallpaper and Restore Surface
Repair Damaged Walls

Hang Window Treatments and Blinds
Hang Pictures

Assemble Furniture, Desks

Build Closets and Shelving


And when you get ready to sell your home, call us to repair the items found on your whole house inspection and to satisfy municipal code violations.

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